Aozora Onward Marche


Onward Marche, 2017 SS, "Blue Sky Onward Marche" campaign - Hakuhodo Gravity team was in charge of event planning, project management, and PR. The challenge was how to expand brand awareness of Onward Marche, a newly-launched gourmet take-out mail order site. We planned and implemented a large-scaled tasting event. Based on the idea that "the appeal of food cannot be conveyed without experiencing it," we held a marché-type event at Futako Tamagawa Rise, as well as tasting events at various locations where the target customers resided. For the marché event at Futako Tamagawa Rise, we held a PR event with the TV personality Hiromi. As a result, we were able to gain the brand exposure in a variety of media including TV, newspapers, web, and SNS, which led to the expansion of Onward Marche's brand awareness and acquisition of new members.


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